Daniel Talley

Dan Talley is a veteran of a twenty-six year marriage, twenty-eight year military career and three wars. His varied occupations include years of leadership in military, educational, industrial, religious, and civic organizations. God, through this experiential education, amassed within this storyteller numerous tales to be told. Dan is winner of both visual art and literary contests. His experience, quest for understanding, creativity, and artistry enable story-telling which guides others to comprehend truths from ordinary and extraordinary situations. Serving in combat with his son in 2010 brought new perspectives on Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s love. Subsequent depression, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD, contrast with a mission trip in India to grow greater compassion for others and a desire to assist in their personal growth.

Public Play Time


Transfer credits earned from;
  • Fayetteville State University
  • Fayetteville Technical Community College
  • Campbell University
  • University of North Carolina
  • CLEPT – business law, intro to management
Degree completions
  • AA Drafting and design, Meridian Community College, 1988
  • BS Industrial Technology East Carolina University, 1996
  • MBA Mississippi State University Meridian, 2000

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Training and Development Certification State of Mississippi
  • Project COPE Boy Scouts of America
  • MOUS; MS Word and Excel

Civic Play time

Education Play time

  • Aid in economic development of our region through partnership effort with business, industry, economic development entities, state, and federal support systems
  • Develop community leaders through facilitation and instruction in our Leadership Lauderdale leadership development program
  • Supervise revision of state policy with regard to workforce training coordination, development, and documentation
  • Chair, motivate, guide, and complete Christian congregation's bylaws revision committee.
  • Perform chair or member duties with multiple non-profit, economic development, and social boards, committees, and event coordination teams.
  • Approach business and industry leades from outside our region and country to encourage investment in our area.
  • Assist in writing, planning, and implimentation of Department of Labor Grants for workforce and economic development.

College Credit instruction
  • MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Introduction to computers

Non-Credit / consultation
  • Team building
  • Lean 101 and individual tools
  • Industrial / manufacturing engineering seminar; custom course per customer request.
  • Facilitate Christian theology review/class – participants range from 25 to 85 years of age
  • Value stream map, both within a customer organization and open enrollment with generation of current State map and initial set of Kaizan event targets.
  • Coordinate purchase, design, and initial remodel of our seventy thousand square foot workforce training facility.
  • Facilitate efforts of project managers in support of current, new, and expanding businesses through grant fund retrieval, technical training, and initial operations of said growth.

Military Background



Bronze Star Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Army Commendation Medal (5 Awards)
Army Achievement Medal (4 Awards)
National Defense Service Medal (2 Awards)
Army Good Conduct Medal
Non Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon (3 Awards)
Armed Forces Reserve Medal With M Device (2 Awards)
Overseas Service Ribbon (3 Awards)
Iraq Campaign Medal With Campaign Star
Afghanistan Campaign With Campaign Star
Global War On Terrorism Service Medal
Southwest Asia Service Medal With Two (2) Bronze Service Stars
Nato Afghanistan Service Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal,

Meritorious Unit Citation
Combat Action Badge
Parachutist Badge
Driver And Mechanic Badge
Basic Training
Draftsman Military Occupation Specialty Course
Special Electronics Device Repair Technician Course
       (distinguished honor graduate)
Basic Airborne Course
Chemical Agent Monitor Maintenance Course
Primary Leadership Development Course
Combat Engineer Military Occupation Specialty Course
Nuclear Biological Chemical course
Information System Security Officer Course
Combat Lifesaver
Basic Non Commission Officer Engineer course
       (honor graduate)
Advanced Non Commission Officer Engineer Course
       (distinguished honor graduate)
Company Intelligence Support Team Course
Route Clearance / Route Reconnaissance Leaders Course

Summary of 28 year career

  • On unit mobilization prepare standard operating procedures for newly assign route clearance mission.
  • Direct supervision of 35 troops’ mobilization training, equipment issue, and personnel realignment, medical, legal, and emotional preparation. And assist with that of all unit personnel, 135 soldiers.
  • Lead 35 men and 1 lieutenant in use of $35 million of equipment in Route Clearance operations, Paktya province, Afghanistan. On our 102 multiday combat missions we clear 1,025 kilometers of mountainous dirt road, deal with 32 IED’s, forty plus incidents of direct enemy contact, and detention of five suspected insurgents. Manage soldiers living conditions, physical and mental health for our 10 months in country. One soldier died, 30% suffer differing degrees of injuries.
  • Assume First Sergeant duties for our last month of deployment. Supervise all aspects of equipment turn over, accountability, pack and load to return to United States. Company accountability, method, and completion of $80 million equipment handoff to gaining unit.
  • Direct control of maneuver, weapon systems, and recovery assets to minimize loss or injury before, during, and after IED destruction of vehicles, ambush, and or direct and indirect enemy fire. Every mission accomplished, not one KIA.
  • Interact with U.S. Infantry, Afghan route clearance and infantry, Army and Airforce close air support during maneuver to and within enemy contact.
  • Manage rotations of personnel to maintain maximum capabilities.
  • Supervise, perform, track, and report all maintenance issues and improvements.
  • Guided design, development, and construction of a new route clearance tool from blown up vehicle parts. Proved design on second mission by eliminating an undetected IED with no negligable damage to the towing vehicle nor vehicles nearby.
  • Track, guide, counsel, and supervise demobilization of 110 soldiers to include physical, mental, and equipment serviceability and accountability.
  • Manage Operations Personnel to Track, Research, and Prepare Intelligence Summaries to section personnel and battalion leadership, track and support Battalion reorganization from a transportation mission to combat engineer missions.
  • Maintain current data for all battalion assets to include vehicle, personnel, supplies, actions, operability, and projected completion of task, follow on tasks, communication with each, and enemy activity. Prepare and Present Bi-Daily brief to Brigade Commander. Maintain, select and present data as information in support of Brigade, Battalion, and Company level decision making through briefs, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and assessments of our and enemy status.
  • MS Office – Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Word. Links and cross-references between programs, spreadsheet, equation, and macro development, inter-unit link of data through local area network.
  • Security, maintenance, and relocation of operations center to include vehicles, personnel, classified data, and weapons systems.
  • Manage, employ, and lead Tactical Human Intelligence Team, Psychological Operations Team, and Ground Surveillance Team through combat operations in Anbar Province Iraq, 2005
  • Design, develop, implement, adjust, and maintain all base defense operations for forward operations base Dogwood, thirty-five miles southwest of Baghdad, Al Anbar province. Design and direction of naval construction engineers of guard towers, berm emplacement, concertina wire, entry control points, external observation posts, and quick reaction force structural requirements.
  • Use of intelligence data, asset status data, recent operations data, to assist in mission planning, to advise on possible courses of action or reaction to enemy activity, and participate in, supervise, track, and adjust raids in local villages.
  • Interact with local nationals in our area of operations in rebuilding, initiating voting opportunities, improvements in local health and welfare, industry, and education.
  • Above actions in support of our unit’s detention of over 300 proven insurgents, and over eight million dollars of weaponry, munitions, explosives, IED packaging, triggers, and electronic components, suicide vests, and sniper rifles.
  • Member of Battalion Tactical Standard Operating Procedures development team in preparation for deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • As Inspector General Technical Inspector for 82nd Abn. Div. electronic devices to verify fitness for combat as Brigades prepared for Division Ready Force One. (Brigade of paratroopers prepared to deploy within 18 hours)
  • Reassigned in 1993 to Non Commissioned Officer In Charge of highest-level special electronic device maintenance shop within the 82nd Airborne Division. Within six months we reorganized, increased efficiency, decreased waste, motivated through teamwork and realized reduction of 700 unprocessed jobs zero unprocessed and under fifty awaiting parts. Efficiency continued through following two years until my exit from service.
  • Track, Research, and Prepare Intelligence Summaries to section personnel and battalion leadership
  • Maintain current data for all battalion assets to include vehicle, personnel, supplies, actions, mission capabilities, and projected completion of task, follow on tasks, communication with each, and enemy activity. Brief said data at Battalion Commander’s request and support Brigade, Battalion, and Company level decision making through briefs, reports, charts, graphs, maps, and assessments of our and enemy status.
  • Security, maintenance, and relocation of operations center to include vehicles, personnel, classified data, and weapons systems.

Business and Industry
  • Design and implementation of multiple manufacturing processes to include complete redesign of  Custom Cabinet Shop
  • Development of consistent “haystack” analysis process with existing shop floor data
  • Design, development, construction, implementation, and operation of Access database required to compile data from four incompatible software programs to manage production, inventory, and customer delivery of product during startup manufacturing operations following a merge.
  • Design and development of costing model in MS Excel for automated manufacturing processes for five divisions with over 100 discrete machine and or manual processes. To include verification of base data, determination of discrete observations required to validate, Visual basic programming, cross-file and database retrieval of data, and macro based combining of subroutines for simplified user interface.
  • Design of, training in and implementation of Kan-Ban, Lean, and other current “flavors of the month” within a 35-year-old MRP based manufacturing culture, within year one of startup operations following our purchase of a competitor.. Inclusive of supplier contracts and relations, customer requirements, internal process variability and reliability, human resistance to change, interdepartmental relations, and shoip floor control.